Pastor Appreciation Video 

October 2018

For our 4th Annual Pastor's Appreciation Breakfast, our students took a stab at some questions about the pastoral ministry.  What is a pastor?  What do they do?  Is it hard?  What do they most appreciate about their pastors?  


What Can Wash Away Our Sin?   

Kindergarten  -   September 2018

For our 2018 Spiritual Emphasis Week, our Kindergarten class decided to perform an experiment to share with the school.  The question?  What could possibly wash away our sins?  What could clean our sinful hearts?  


The Marshmallow Test 

Kindergarten  -  March 2018

Waiting for your number to be called. Lines to check out at the supermarket.  Traffic jams.  Waiting is tough!   And when you are in Kindergarten with a marshmallow in front of you, every minute lasts forever.  The test is simple.  Students were given a marshmallow.  They were then told that if they could wait eight minutes without eating their marshmallow, they would get a second one.  Simple.  But waiting is tough...

Eighth Grade Graduation 

May 2018


Eighth Grade Graduation 

May 2017